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On this page you will find English translations of articles from KILDEN's website. We will be adding articles regularly.


Regards the au pair scheme as development aid

According to many Norwegian families who have an au pair, they help women from poor countries to a better future.

(13.08.2015) Read more

ďAu pairs are underpaid maidsĒ

Norwegian authorities describe the au pair scheme as cultural exchange. In reality, au pairs are professional housemaids with a salary as low as 69 Norwegian kroner an hour, according to researcher.

(29.07.2015) Read more

Is the Norwegian military ready for female soldiers?

There is still certain scepticism towards female soldiers in the Norwegian Armed Forces. According to researcher, changes have to be made before the first set of female conscripts arrive.

(14.07.2015) Read more

Shorter waiting time and earlier abortions due to abortion pill

Nearly all abortions in Norway today are performed with the abortion pill Mifepristone. This has resulted in shorter waiting time, earlier abortions, and the possibility to have abortions at home.

(29.06.2015) Read more

Menís violence towards women: Not only about power

The majority of men who use violence towards their partner struggle with serious mental health issues. We need to look at more than just the power relations between the sexes in order to understand and prevent domestic violence, says researcher.

(23.06.2015) Read more

Punished without trial for sleeping with the Germans during the war

While Norway officially flaunted itself by bringing war criminals before court in the trials succeeding World War II, the so-called “German whores” were punished without trial although no crime had been committed.

(12.06.2015) Read more

Hidden stories about sex and gender in the new Norwegian Queer Archive

Norway's new Queer Archive is burgeoning with hidden stories about sex and gender transgressions, just waiting for researchers to dig in and explore.

(01.06.2015) Read more

Young women twice as exposed to cyber bullying as men

Female journalists between the age of 25 and 35 are twice as exposed to bullying and threats as their male colleagues of the same age. The bullying is a democratic problem, says researcher.

(19.05.2015) Read more

More cycling with e-bikes

According to a new study, electric bikes make people cycle longer and more often. The effect is best on women.

(07.05.2015) Read more

ME: The male disorder that became a female disorder

Previously long-term exhaustion was considered a male disorder caused by societal pressures. Today women comprise the majority of ME patients, and they feel that their condition is their own fault.

(29.04.2015) Read more

Female directors: from artists to amateurs

Norway was once “the land of female directors”. Then they vanished. New research shows how female Norwegian directors were sidelined by a small French word.

(22.04.2015) Read more

Does society unravel as women pack up and leave?

Female labour migrants are criticised for abandoning their children in their home country. According to research, this stigma does not affect male migrants.

(10.04.2015) Read more

Easier for men to become top researchers

It is more difficult for women to meet the requirements to qualify for tenure track positions.

(09.04.2015) Read more

The Viking women who disappeared

Women played an important part in Viking Age society, and their role far exceeded that of mother and the “housewife”. Why, then, are they barely mentioned in the history books? 

(26.03.2015) Read more

The Child Welfare Service prefers mum to dad

If mummy is an addict or suffers from psychological dysfunctions, the Norwegian Child Welfare Service takes extensive measures. If daddy has similar problems, he is asked to leave his family.

(18.03.2015) Read more

Gays forced to openness in the media

Gays and lesbians are forced to use their private lives as a lever in order to gain media attention.

(11.03.2015) Read more

Toril Moi: Feminist theory needs a revolution

According to Professor of Literature Toril Moi, feminist theory has become so abstract that it no longer says anything about ordinary women’s lives. Concepts like intersectionality have become so overtheoretical that they no longer apply to people’s actual experiences.

(27.02.2015) Read more

Women who donít apologise, but nevertheless resign

Female politicians who are involved in media scandals do not apologise. But they nevertheless resign. For the sake of their family.

(17.02.2015) Read more

Online computer games force women into the closet

Women conceal their gender in order to avoid harassment in the gaming community and in the outside world.

(06.02.2015) Read more

Why womenís football isnít real football

The female body is not suited for real football, according to debaters in the online debate forum of Norway's biggest tabloid newspaper. Why is football the only sport in which women’s performance is constantly compared to men’s?

(26.01.2015) Read more

Rich stay-at-home mums produce the winners of tomorrow

They used to work in the financial services industry in London, but left their career and became fulltime mothers in Norway. Not because they need to look after house and husband, but in order to spend time with the children.

(13.01.2015) Read more
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