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Newsletter 13.09.2011

This newsletter brings updates from three web portals on gender research, gender equality and gender politics in Norway. It is issued every six weeks by KILDEN Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway.

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On Breivik and feminism
Professor Jorunn Økland comments on the terror tragedy in Norway in a blog post in The Chronicle of Higher Education.
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Women in the boardroom
"Ignore the doubters. Norway's quota on women in the boardroom is working," writes Associate Professor Agnes Bolsø in a comment in the Guardian.
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"Make time for research!"
It pays to be keenly aware of how you use your time. This is according to Siv Ellen Kraft, a recently appointed professor at the University of Tromsø.
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Think long term
Gender equality activities are crucial for achieving the ambitious plans to enhance quality and expertise at Bergen University College. Last year the institution received the Gender Equality Award presented by the Ministry of Education and Research, and they are encouraging others to apply for the award this year.
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"Ideals of purity create misogyny"
The disciplining and control of women and the feminine are intimately related to notions of cultural and racial purity. As a result, racist ideologies are almost always also misogynist and anti-feminist, says British philosopher Jane Clare Jones. She has analysed anti-feminism in the manifesto of Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.
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The price of justice
Internally displaced women in Colombia are organizing themselves to secure their rights to housing, education and health care. But along with this come threats, violence and dissatisfied husbands. Is it worth it?
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The downside of state support
Does state support for voluntary organisations curtail creativity and force activists to focus on what the government wants them to?
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After the heat of the battle
Gays and lesbians can now marry or register as partners in all the Nordic countries, with the exception of the Faroe Islands. Yet even within the gay movement there has been a long-standing resistance to marriage for same-sex couples.
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Being scrawny is not an option
A dedicated football player, a disciplined martial arts practitioner or a respected weightlifter? According to a recent Norwegian study, young girls are most concerned with their appearance as they become teenagers, but boys must do something to become young men. Their choice of activity is also a choice of masculine identity.
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There are no specific women questions : some considerations on feminist genealogy
Feminists have questioned whether the official, state-sanctioned 'women's studies' in the GDR during the Cold War deserve the name women's studies. In this article Cathrine Egeland discusses some of these feminist critiques and relates this to the complexity within feminist political and theoretical landscapes and cartographies.
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Childcare policy since the 1970s in the 'most gender equal country in the world' : a field of controversy and grassroots activism
In her article, Trine Rogg Korsvik investigates the relations between gender equality and childcare policy since the 1970s from a grassroots perspective and takes a closer look on political controversies between different women's organizations.
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Transnational migration and human security
This anthology addresses aspects of cross-border migration of today. May-Len Skilbrei and Marianne Tveit from Fafo contribute with the chapter "Mission Impossible? Voluntary and Dignified Repatriation of Nigerian Victims of Trafficking".
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Missionary masculinity : the case of the Norwegian Lutheran missionaries to the Zulus, 1870-1930
For her thesis, Kristin Fjelde Tjelle has studied the construct of a missonary masculinity among early Norwegian missionaries. What kind of masculinity did they represent, in ideology as well as practise? Why did they practise this particular kind of masculinity? These are some of the questions asked and answered.
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Entrepreneurship in development : four essays on microfinance and business training
For his thesis, Norwegian Lars Ivar Oppedal Berge has studied the effects of business training on the development of Tanzanian microenterprises. The results show that women, to a lesser degree than men, manage to turn their aquired knowledge into business growth.
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Routledge advances in feminist studies and intersectionality
This book series offers new feminist and profeminist perspectives on a broad specter of gender issues.
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Lambda nordica 2-3.2011. Child
"What the hell is the figure of the child?" is the first article in this special issue, also featuring for example "Culturally queer, silenced in school? Children with LGBTQ parents and everyday politics of/in community and school".
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Gender and arctic discourses
27.09.2011 - 29.09.2011
This international, interdisciplinary symposium / PhD course will investigate relations between discourses of gender and discourses of the Arctic. It is interdisciplinary and open for students of literature, history and the social sciences.
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Published: 13.09.2011
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