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National Research School in Gender Research, Norway

PLUREQ – Gender equality, cultural diversity, religious pluralism: State policies and feminist interventions

Web exhibition on trafficking and prostitution in Norway.

Children of immigrants choose gender equality

The Norwegian-Pakistani daughters are raised by stay-at-home mothers in gender traditional homes. But following in their mothers footsteps is not an option. Even after having children, they return to their paid jobs.

(16.10.2014) Read more


Blond, sexy and immigrant

Migration equals boat refugees, asylum seekers, poverty, domestic workers, and racism in the new country. But migration is also beautiful Swedish women who find it easy to succeed in the United States.

(22.09.2014) Read more

Short commutes enable women to work full time

In order to manage a full time job it is necessary for women to have short distances between home, work, kindergarten and the supermarket.

(09.09.2014) Read more

Dad is important for his children’s development

A sensitive and attentive father has a positive influence on his child’s development. But only if he spends a considerable amount of time with the child during its first year.

(02.09.2014) Read more

Rich, white men at the top of CERN

Women physicists at CERN are locked in a structure and culture that is highly male dominated at all levels. The women’s movement and gender equality have not reached the physics fields, according to a history of science researcher. 

(15.08.2014) Read more


“Because nobody likes Chinese girls”: Intersecting identities and emotional experiences of subordination and resistance in school life

Through a analyses of a focus group discussion with Chinese American girls, this article shows that intersectional analyses cannot start with a specific definition of social categories like gender and ethnicity. The categories should emerge as a result of the analyses.

Domesticating the Disney Tween Machine. Norwegian Tweens Enacting Age and Everyday Life

TV shows like Hannah Montana and High School Musical give Norwegian girls in the 8 to 12 years bracket an opportunity to play at being teenagers, without really being it, according to this doctoral thesis.

Gendered education in a gendered world: looking beyond cosmetic solutions to the gender gap in science

Efforts to increase the gender balance in STEM subjects risks being ineffective when science subjects are adjusted to match perceived typical girls’ and boys’ interests, according to this article.

National, regional, and global sex ratios of infant, child, and under-5 mortality and identifi cation of countries with outlying ratios: a systematic assessment

This article discusses boys' and girls' mortality up to the age of 5 years. The authors identify 10 countries where girls' mortality is higher than expected. They recommend that a closer look is taken to identify cases, and that action should be undertaken if sex discrimination is present.

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New vacancy A position as Professor in Gender Studies, specializing in Postcolonial Feminisms, is available at Linköping University. Read more at Linköping University

New vacancy A position as Professor in Gender Studies specializing in Gender, Nature and Culture, is available at Linköping University. Read more at Linköping University

How bosses can shed prejudice Companies risk letting the best job applicants pass by when they pigeonhole them through bias. But there are methods for escaping such mental straitjackets. Read more at ScienceNordic

Men run and manage limited companies The proportion of male board representatives of limited companies has not changed in recent years. Eight out of ten board representatives in private limited companies are men. The corresponding figure in public limited companies is six out of ten. Read more at Statistics Norway

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