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National Research School in Gender Research, Norway

PLUREQ – Gender equality, cultural diversity, religious pluralism: State policies and feminist interventions

Web exhibition on trafficking and prostitution in Norway.

Why women’s football isn’t real football

The female body is not suited for real football, according to debaters in the online debate forum of Norway's biggest tabloid newspaper. Why is football the only sport in which women’s performance is constantly compared to men’s?

(26.01.2015) Read more


Rich stay-at-home mums produce the winners of tomorrow

They used to work in the financial services industry in London, but left their career and became fulltime mothers in Norway. Not because they need to look after house and husband, but in order to spend time with the children.

(13.01.2015) Read more

All boys are not poor school achievers, and all girls are not smart pupils

According to a new doctoral thesis, the answer to why pupils perform differently in school is not found by looking at girls and boys as separate groups.

(15.12.2014) Read more

The man's full time job is not up for discussion

The modern man is dad with a capital D, and he doesn’t mind cleaning the house every once in a while. But it is not his responsibility that mum has to work part time in order to make family life work.

(04.12.2014) Read more

Why Norwegian birth rates are higher than in the rest of Europe

The Norwegian birth rate is higher than in the rest of Europe not only because they put their faith in the welfare state. They can’t imagine a good life without children.

(13.11.2014) Read more


Freedom of expression vs. gender equality - conflicting values when regulating gender stereotypes in advertising

When the question of legislation of gender stereotypes in advertisements is on the agenda, freedom of expression is used as a shield against any legislative provisions, according to this article.

Evidence of systematic bias in sexual over- and underperception of naturally occurring events : a direct replication of Haselton (2003) in a more gender-equal culture

According to this article, cross-national differences in the level of gender inequality do not influence reports of sexual over- and underperception in women and men.

Motherhood, agency and sacrifice in narratives on female migration for care work

Studies that frame female migrants as mothers tend to reproduce these narratives of sacrifice at the cost of understanding female migration where women go abroad to improve their own lives, according to this article.

'Women, peace and security’ and the UN security agenda

Has the UN policy for women become more women-friendly, asks Torunn L. Tryggestad in her doctoral thesis.

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