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National Research School in Gender Research, Norway

PLUREQ – Gender equality, cultural diversity, religious pluralism: State policies and feminist interventions

Web exhibition on trafficking and prostitution in Norway.

The Viking women who disappeared

Women played an important part in Viking Age society, and their role far exceeded that of mother and the “housewife”. Why, then, are they barely mentioned in the history books? 

(26.03.2015) Read more


The Child Welfare Service prefers mum to dad

If mummy is an addict or suffers from psychological dysfunctions, the Norwegian Child Welfare Service takes extensive measures. If daddy has similar problems, he is asked to leave his family.

(18.03.2015) Read more

Gays forced to openness in the media

Gays and lesbians are forced to share their private lives as a lever in order to gain media attention.

(11.03.2015) Read more

Toril Moi: Feminist theory needs a revolution

According to Professor of Literature Toril Moi, feminist theory has become so abstract that it no longer says anything about ordinary women’s lives. Concepts like intersectionality have become so overtheoretical that they no longer apply to people’s actual experiences.

(27.02.2015) Read more

Women who don’t apologise, but nevertheless resign

Female politicians who are involved in media scandals do not apologise. But they nevertheless resign. For the sake of their family.

(17.02.2015) Read more


Effects of e-bikes on bicycle use and mode share

This Norwegian study shows that people who have an e-bike increases their number of bike-rides, and take longer rides. The effect is stronger for women.

Mortality After the Death of a Spouse in Norway

Married men and women have an increased risk of death in the year following the death of their spouse. The effect is larger for men than women.

Women’s sickness absence in contemporary Norway.The impacts of class, motherhood, and pregnancy

Norwegian women have higher levels of sickness absence than men. To understand the reasons behind this, one has to take class and family patterns into consideration as well as gender.

Employers, Agencies and Immigration. Paying for Care

In this book about paid domestic and care work, researcher Guro Korsnes Kristensen has written about how Norwegian families interact with their cleaner or au pair.

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Men run and manage limited companies The proportion of male board representatives of limited companies has not changed in recent years. Eight out of ten board representatives in private limited companies are men. The corresponding figure in public limited companies is six out of ten. Read more at Statistics Norway

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