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National Research School in Gender Research, Norway

PLUREQ – Gender equality, cultural diversity, religious pluralism: State policies and feminist interventions

Web exhibition on trafficking and prostitution in Norway.

Hidden gay lives in façade marriages

Lesbian women in China want to be as normal as possible. This involves being married to a man. If you’re not married in China there’s something wrong with you.

(10.04.2014) Read more


30 years of failed campaigns against female genital cutting

Despite years of heavy investment, female genital cutting still has major support in countries such as Somalia and Ethiopia. Well intentioned campaigns initiated by international organisations are being met with skepticism. “Changes must come from within,” say researchers.

(24.03.2014) Read more

Unisex rooms made gender insignificant in the army

The researchers behind a new report on gender equality in the Norwegian army describe the phenomenon as “degenderisation”. When boys and girls shared the same room, gender was no longer significant.

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Norwegian schools reproduce racism and gender stereotypes

Norwegian textbooks juxtapose a positive, liberal Norwegian sexuality with a negative non-Norwegian, often Muslim, sexuality. And nobody agrees on what racism entails or how the topic can be taught in the classroom.

(10.03.2014) Read more

Higher status than one’s partner makes both men and women vulnerable to intimate partner violence

Having a higher income or education than your partner could be risky, as a higher socio-economic status than ones partner increases the chance of psychological violence and abuse. This applies to both men and women.

(28.02.2014) Read more


Welcome to the candy shop! Conflicting representations of black masculinity

If one removes the sexy ladies and the large cars in the music videos of macho, male rappers, they are in danger of being perceived as feminine or gay, according to this article.

Alcohol-related sickness absence among young employees: Gender differences and the prevention paradox

This article shows that alcohol-related sickness absence is more common among men than women. The difference may reflect different drinking habits between the sexes.

When they’re practically crying out for men : an ethnographic study of male health and social care students’ minority position

This article reveals that male students of health and social care expect to receive preferential treatment in future employment situations because they are seen as particulary valuable.

Nora 1.2014

This year's first issue of the Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Studies examines the gendered and sexualized body, with a historical look at material feminism.

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Love matters more than genes for children with same-sex parents Water just may be as thick as blood for children growing up with parents of the same sex. In a study of 25, they all reported a childhood that resembles any other childhood – where close family ties are established through mutual love and understanding. Read more at ScienceNordic

Further fall in fertility The fertility rate decreased in all age groups from 2012 to 2013, apart for women aged 40-44 years. Read more at Statistics Norway

Life expectancy is still increasing for both sexes Women are still living longer than men, but the gender gap is decreasing. Read more at Statistics Norway

Newsletter from PRIO This year's first issue of the PRIO Gender, Peace and Security Update is now available. Read more at PRIO

PhD position A PhD position in history is available at Stockholm University. The research will be conducted within the area of international studies, with focus on gender and the history of science. Deadline for applications: April 15 2014. Read more at Stockholm University

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